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The Christmas Court

A festive ebook novella

Christmas 1051: King Edward’s royal court has gathered to welcome William of Normandy to England. But as the ambitious Norman duke takes his place amongst the English lords, rumour spreads that William has an ulterior motive for making his timely visit to his childless royal cousin . . .

For Freya, new to the court, the enticing entertainments of the burgeoning Wessex city of London are far more intriguing than any political machinations. Enchanted by the wassails, evergreens and crowds of the Christmas celebrations, she and her friend Alodie see the Normans as more of an enticement than a danger –until a pickpocket cuts through their happiness and throws Freya into the arms of an unlikely saviour.

As the feasting and dancing begins, Freya finds herself falling for a man from the wrong side of the Narrow Sea and, with the help of a little mistletoe and wine, 1051 becomes a Christmas to remember . . .

The Christmas Court
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