1066 Upside Down

I’m delighted to be a part of this exciting set of ‘alternative history’ short stories. 1066 is the most known year in English history, and the most intriguing. It represents a key turning point: a year in which everything was up for grabs, a year in which our national story could have gone any number of ways – a year of ‘what ifs’.
What if King Edward had left behind a son, what if his great-nephew Edgar had been old enough to rule, what if Harald Hardrada had won the Battle of Stamford Bridge, what if Harold had waited longer in London to gather more forces, what if William had died when he was unhorsed at Hastings, what if William had been defeated at London Bridge in November, what if Svein of Denmark had also invaded.…
So much could have been different and now, at last, we can live all those what ifs in this collection of ‘virtual history’ short stories, written by known and loved writers of the period.

1066 Upside Down Book1