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Fire Queen

When Ofelia’s mother throws herself onto her husband’s funeral pyre in an ecstasy of grief, it is hailed as an act of glorious sacrifice by the court of Denmark but it leaves Ofelia and her brother Lars alone in the world. From that moment Ofelia vows never to be so enslaved to a man, not even her best friend and lord, Prince Hamlet.

But when Hamlet’s uncle seizes the throne, forcing him to flee to England, Ofelia goes at his side as his chief protector. It is Ofelia who fights with him against the Scotti to gain troops with which to retake Denmark and Ofelia who stays focused on that aim as Hamlet is distracted by first one wife and then a second. Her vow has cost her the hand of her dearest friend but has it cost her his love? The fight for Denmark, when it finally comes, will test them both….

Release date: September 2019 in large format and e-book. Summer 2020 in paperback.

Publisher:  Piatkus

Fire Queen
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