Writing Longhand – a poll!

I cannot write straight to screen. At least, I occasionally can for short stories or more factual pieces but when it comes to the first draft of a novel, I have to write it pen in hand. I just find that my ideas seem to flow so much more naturally if they go straight from my head, down my arm and onto the paper via a pen - almost an extension of my own hand, even - at the risk of sounding pretentious - of my own self.

Window Seat picI find that sitting straight-backed at my computer, although wonderful for editing, just makes me feel far too much as if I'm 'at work' to be truly creative. I much prefer to curl up on my sofa, or out in the sunshine (if we ever get any again!) or even, occasionally, in my bed and go for it in a great big, tactile notebook.

office 007It's a bit of a nuisance as it then means I have to type it all up but I also find that an important part of the process as I do a bit of first editing as I go along. It's only doing interviews after the publication of The Chosen Queen and talking to people at events and book groups that's made me realise that these days I'm rather unusual in working this way. So I thought it would be really interesting to find out how others work.

If you're a writer and you have 10 seconds to spare (perhaps you're looking for an excuse to dodge some tricky editing?) then click HERE and let me know if you write longhand like me, or straight to screen like most. Thank you and I look forward to the answers.