In the Still of the Night

Published in ‘My Weekly’

Jocelyn ought to go inside. It’s gone two already and she’s got an aerobics class at eleven the next morning, but sleep seems such a trivial waste of time right now. It’s such a beautiful night, with stars scattered across the sky…

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Time Tricks

Published in ‘Women’s Weekly’

When I can’t stop myself any longer, I glance up at the clock. I’ve been trying to convince myself I think it’s only ten to six, but really I’m desperate for it to be ten past. In fact, the hands are resolutely vertical: six o’clock exactly.

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Advanced Story Structure

Mickleover Library Friday March 14th 2014 This focused, advanced workshop…

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Writing Serials for Women’s Magazines

Mickleover Library Friday June 13th 2014 Editors love a good…

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